Products that fit demand

Bremstein has a wide variety of products. Bremstein can supply on spot basis or on contract basis, please inquire for more information.

Product Portfolio


Bremstein's main trading business derives from its wide Polymer product portfolio. With the biggest part of its portfolio being PE, PP (PPCO/PPHO), EVA, PVC, PS (GPPS/HIPS) and ABS with products fit for film extrusion, injection moulding, roto moulding, blow moulding, fibre filament, tape extrusion, extrusion coating, sheet extrusion, foam extrusion, etc.

Bremstein uses its flexibility to provide its customer with spot or contract material. Bremstein can offer suppliers the ability to sell their excess material around the world to help them improve their liquidity. Bremstein strives to increase its sales because of its dexterity to move assets with haste and little lag.


Bremstein's oxygenate trading business mainly consists out of Methanol. Bremstein has the capability and prospection of working with other oxygenates such as Ethanol and MTBE. Bremstein strongly believes in the economical and ecological future of oxygenates.

Bremstein's flexibility and team of professionals are able to place and arrange the Oxygenates transportation in order to arrange prompt deliveries around the world.

Portfolio Expansion

Bremstein is investing and expanding its current product portfolio by horizontally integrating into the commodity trading industry. Bremstein uses its veteran team and the current expanding global market structure as its foundation to venture into new products that fit the criteria of growth, development and appreciation.

Bremstein is currently constructing a team, a reliable supplier base and a big customer base for its future Propylene and Ethylene trading business.

Products on Request

Bremstein is a dynamic, flexible and customer focused company that is able to tailor the customers' needs in a responsive and personal manner.