Bremstein Trades

Bremstein is an international trading house of polymers that is characterized by the service for its customers and its quality control.

Bremstein is Dynamic

Bremstein's team is characterized by its ablity to handle the markets continuous change, activity and evolution. In order to fulfill customer needs and satisfaction.

Bremstein is Responsive

Bremstein's team is instantly aware of any market changes. Bremstein's market analysers are constantly navigating our core activities so that we can quickly react to these changes and keep the clients up-to-date.

Bremstein is Interactive

Bremstein's team is focused on a clear and two-way information flow, keeping our customers up-to-date about their orders and providing them with the service that they prefer. Our complex and broad database allows us to have a unique and individual relationship with all our clients.



At Bremstein we use a combination of market knowledge and flexibility to trade in polymers and other commodities. We are the bridge between supply and demand in 70+ countries. The biggest part of our market consists out of PE, PP (PPCO/PPHO), EVA, PVC, PS (GPPS/HIPS) and ABS. We provide plastic raw materials and other commodities for various industrial applications.

Bremstein is an execution driven company with our main focus being our customers closely followed by our employees. We are a sustainable company that looks for the further development of new technologies that may create more efficiency and less waste. We put a lot of thrust and expectation with our team to further develop our core business in a wider range of commodities, to continuously meet demand where it is needed.

Our warehouses are located in the most important European ports. For many years Bremstein has worked in association with national and international transport companies and is therefore able to guarantee prompt deliveries.

The Bremstein sales team provides you with up-to-date information on market trends and the most competitive prices. Our buyers are in contact with suppliers all over the world 24/7.

Make Trade, not Waste.